When it comes to optimizing your training sessions, nothing quite beats a well-structured warm-up routine. However, not all of us are instinctively aware of how to warm up effectively without causing premature fatigue, as well as helping us hit our target weights for the day. That’s where JuggernautAI’s new Guided Warmups feature steps in, offering an intelligent solution to this common training challenge.

Simplifying Warmups

Warm-ups are all about preparing the body for the rigors of a full-intensity workout. They help elevate body temperature, practice technique, and prime the nervous system for performance. But here’s where it gets tricky: how do you gauge the right balance between adequate warmup and wasting energy? That’s exactly what the Guided Warmups feature addresses.

Meet our Guided Warmup feature

With the Guided Warmups feature, you will be provided with a recommended weight to load and the number of reps to perform for each set. These guidelines are grounded in proven methodologies used by us and our lifters to achieve an optimal level of readiness without exhaustion.

The feature’s real charm, though, lies in its feedback system.

Feedback that Fuels Progress

As you go through your warm-up sets, starting from lighter weights and gradually progressing to heavier ones, the Guided Warmups feature asks for your feedback. How did each set feel? This simple yet crucial question is central to how JuggernautAI personalizes your workout.

To communicate your feedback, you have three expressive emoji options at your disposal:

– The 💩 emoji, for when a rep felt worse than you expected.

– The 👍 emoji, for when the rep felt as you expected.

– The 🔥 emoji, for when you feel stronger than expected.

Your feedback helps the app understand your state of readiness and tailor the weights for your workout accordingly. For example, if you indicate you’re feeling stronger than expected at 157.5 kg (fire emoji) and “good, not great” at 180 kg (thumbs up), the app might adjust your initial target of 190 kg up to 192.5 kg. It’s a dynamic system that allows you to leverage your energy levels optimally!

Shape the Future with Your Feedback

The Guided Warmups feature is in a state of continual evolution, shaped by the valuable input of users like you. We’re in the process of adding further enhancements, such as options to take smaller or bigger jumps in weight, and possibly an additional warm-up set.

To make the most of the feature, ensure your app is up to date. If you have any questions or run into any issues, feel free to contact us via the support chat on jtstrength.com or through our Facebook group.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your training sessions? Let’s warm up to the idea of more informed and personalized workouts with JuggernautAI’s Guided Warmups feature. Happy training, and we look forward to hearing about your progress!