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JuggernautAI is like having the best powerlifting coach in the world with you during every training session, helping you reach your true potential.

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How It Works

Juggernaut Training Systems is The Leader in Strength, having helped thousands of athletes from beginners to World Champions maximize their results and reach their goals. We deliver principle-based coaching through cutting-edge technology to help you get the best results of your life.

Tell our system all about yourself and your goals

Tell our system all about yourself and your goals including gender, age, size, strength, experience, recovery, and so much more. From then on our proprietary algorithms will work towards building the smartest program for you.

“This is easily the greatest workout program I've been on aside from having a personal coach. It easily adapts to your goals, equipment, and training readiness each day.”

Leroy H
Juggernaut AI

Individualized programming made specifically for your goals

JuggernautAI uses your feedback to create a program specifically for your needs. Our system finds the right amount of work you need to progress, optimal training frequency, periodization style personalized to you and exercises specifically targeted at your weak points.

Juggernaut AI

Adjustments Every Step of the Way

With every JuggernautAI workout you train the algorithms to learn the best program for you. Including:

  • Set to Set
  • Day to Day
  • Week to Week
  • Block to Block
  • Program to Program

“I don’t have the money to hire a personal trainer nor do I have the time to detail out my own workout plan. Templates are okay and workout apps are junk. This app…by far… is the BEST workout application I have tried (and I’ve tried them all).”

iOS User
Juggernaut AI

And so much more...

JuggernautAI is jam packed with features that will bring your training to standards that even top-level coaches can't offer

Powerlifting & Powerbuilding

Whether you are wanting to increase your powerlifting total or work on your bodybuilding goals, we have a program for you

Meet Day Advisor

Want to know how to have the perfect powerlifting meet? Our adviser takes all your JuggernautAI training into account to calculate your attempts for the most successful meet.

Community Support

All JuggernautAI users get exclusive access to our private facebook community where you can ask questions and get form feedback from fellow members

250+ Exercises

With over 250 exercises in our database, with videos and coaching cues to help you every step of the way. Something missing? Simply create your own instantly.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this JuggernautAI for beginner or advanced lifters?
JuggernautAI is suitable for lifters of all levels and types. We have seen huge success from people totally new to powerlifting to advanced athletes who deadlift over 820lb. We do recommend that you have at least performed squats, deadlift and bench press before.
How do I get started?
Simply create your account through our web subscription portal and then download the app from the app store or google play store.
How many days per week is the training?
You can tell the system how many days per week you want to train, between 3 and 6, and it will find the best frequency of primary lifts within that structure.
Can this prepare you for a specific meet date?
Yes, the system can handle any length of training blocks (from 4+ weeks) to specifically prepare you for your competition date. Part of this process is the system finding the right mix of Hypertrophy, Strength and Peaking phases for your needs and time frame.