How much ya bench? This may be the most common question among bros the world over, so you better have a good answer. Our Pillars of Bench Technique series will help you refine your bench press technique to ensure you are moving maximum poundage.

#1-Foot Placement & Pressure

A good bench press is all about creating tension and that tension and stability all begins with the feet. This tutorial will help you find a better foot position to ensure a strong pressing position and good leg drive because remember, you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.

#2-Upper Back Positioning

Creating a tight and stable upper back is critical to benching the biggest weights and keeping your shoulders healthy for sustained success.

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#3-Gripping the Bar

How wide should you grip the bar? How should you position your hands? These are two common questions for those trying to perfect their bench and both have important answers if you want to push huge weights.

#4-Breathing and Bar Placement

How you breathe during the bench is critical to maximize tension throughout the body. Touching the bar to the right spot on your chest will improve your leverage and ensure consistent technique.

#5-Leg Drive & Bar Path

While the bench is thought of as an upper body exercise, getting your lower body involved is important to lifting the biggest weights. An efficient bar path can be the difference between good lifting and great lifting.