The Deadlift is a foundational movement for strength and power. Done well, it improves total body strength, stability and health. Done poorly, it can become injurious. Learning how to deadlift properly is critical to maximizing the amount of weight you can lift and creating a foundation for long term success. We created of Pillars of Deadlift Technique as a step-by-step approach to help you understand how to deadlift and develop your technique from the ground up. Watch, learn and lift!

#1-Hip Hinging

The Hip Hinge is the foundational movement pattern of the deadlift and is critical to maximizing posterior chain engagement throughout the lift. Learn how to perfect this pattern in Part 1 of our series.

#2-Engaging the Lats

Generating tension in the lats will help you create a more rigid torso position and ensure the bar stays close to your body throughout the lift.

#3-Breathing and Bracing

Properly breathing and setting a neutral braced position throughout the deadlift is critical to protecting your lower back while lifting the most weight possible.

#4-From the Floor

Now that we have ensured a great setup and start position, we can begin the lift by creating a synergistic effort of the legs and back to drive the bar from the floor.

#5-The Lockout

We began this series with understanding how to begin the hip hinge movement pattern, now we bring it to a close with the simultaneous lockout of the knees, hips and shoulders to complete the lift.